Intentional conversation about spiritual things
over really good food

Harvey: One Year Later

August 17

A year ago we had a gastrochurch planned for literally the same day Harvey made landfall. We'd planned a theme (completely unknowing) around storms, fear, and what we need most when the worst happens. Little did we know what that week would have in store.

Some of us lost everything, some lost nothing, but nobody was unaffected.  Come join us around the table as we reflect on where we are now.

This is a joint gathering in the Kemah area. Heights folks, I know it's quite a drive. But trust us, it's worth it!
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What are you worth?

September 20, 21

How do you measure your sense of worth? Is it from your paycheck? What's in your closet? The number of followers you have on Instagram? The number of people who say nice things about you? How about how you measure the worth of others? The witty guy on twitter? The guy collecting change on the corner?

In this gastrochurch, we're going to be exploring the sticky subject of what kind of worth we humans actually have, and what that means for us as spiritual creatures. Our menu is going to be one of the greatest examples of peasant-food-become-trendy: street tacos. (Who doesn't love tacos!!!) Whether you come for the friends, the conversation, or just the tacos, we're looking forward to seeing you in September.
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Join us for dinner. Gastrochurch gatherings are open to anyone who likes eating food with people. Please RSVP so that we can actually have food for you. How sad would it be if you showed up and only got a carrot stick?