Intentional conversation about spiritual things
over really good food

About Us
Eating Well Together
Most of our conversation every day is surface-level. How many conversations do you spend talking about the weather? Netflix? How busy you are? We can easily go through life without ever talking about things that actually matter.

Gastrochurch is a gathering to talk about things that matter, especially spiritual things. We talk about forgiveness, justice, growth, meaning. And we do it over food. Something happens when you share a really good meal that makes meaningful conversation easier. We love getting creative with our themes and menus, and seeing where the food takes us.

It's up to you how deep you want to go. You choose to sit with people you know well, or with people you don't. You choose how much you share. Sometimes tables connect deeply, sometimes they don't. Sometimes the evening is filled with laughter, sometimes it's reflective. But it's rarely boring.

Each evening has a theme, and our themes center on issues in the Christian scriptures. For example, we might focus on a theme of simplicity and serve traditional monastic food, or we might focus on gratitude and serve thanksgiving foods from around the world. With each course, a facilitator explains a bit about the food and its implications, and then gives a discussion question for the table. The questions are intentionally vulnerable; we're not here to talk about the weather.

At the end of the meal the leaders gather to share Communion and prayer. All are welcome to stay and participate or leave as they wish.
We have events about monthly, and they are open to anyone. Events are all donation-based. Just give what you can, and then enjoy the evening. You can find new events here , and you can read about past events here .

With so many different themes, we're always looking for new ideas. Got a food idea you want to share with us? Own a restaurant and want us to come visit? Have an amazing meal idea and want us to be a part of it? We love to discuss all things related to food, church, and anything in between. Email us at